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Real estate marketing goes Hi-Tech

Radio transmission of your homes prominent selling features is the most innovative service available to help us sell your home quickly and easily.


Hi-Tech Radio Home Broadcasts
of your homes features


Even reluctant prospects will listen to your home's benefits right on their car radio.

 Hi-Tech Radio Home Broadcasts

Never sleeps - works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

 Creates Real Interest - Eliminates Lookie Loos - Helps Sell Properties Fast

 Prospective buyers simply drive up, tune their radio to the station listed on the yard sign, and listen to the benefits of your home, and the features they can not readily see from the street. The transmitter does not cause any interference with area television or radio reception.



Look carefully at the "STOP" sign at the top of this picture. This is exactly what a prospective buyer sees in front of your property! 

This innovative concept makes your house stand out from the crowd in the minds of potential buyers. It also will help screen out the curious lookers and pre-sell the serious prospects.

When you list your home with Bob Schwartz, he gives it special attention and the advantage of being in the forefront of the most innovative techniques available to generate true buying interest.


Think about it! When is the last time you saw a property with a radio broadcast system in place?


If you are like most people the answer was probable never! You see, this is the whole concept . . . to make your property stand out from the other homes that are being marketed at the same time as yours! 


Not only does the radio broadcasting make it stand out, but it gives the prospective the outstanding features of your home that many times are not apparent from just an exterior drive-by!


If you have an Olympic sized pool that is the center piece of your quarter acre yard and we have a very well qualified potential buyer drive-by, they will hear about the pool and this just might be their deciding factor to view the property and place a full price offer!  On the other hand, perhaps the buyer is turned-off by any pool. Once they hear about it from the radio, they will usually not waste everybody's time in showing the home.


The combination of this radio broadcasting of your homes features and your property being featured prominently on his extremely popular (recently having over 14,000 visits in one month) web site (click here to see Bob's featured homes) and a proven system of direct print Realtor promotion make for a sales success record envied by his peers.

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