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San Diego Calif. Hospitality and Tourism

Hospitality and Tourism As the region's third largest industry, hospitality and tourism is big business in San Diego. The mild weather, 70 miles of beaches, four major theme parks and a plethora of activities to enjoy makes San Diego a favorite destination for both those from the United States as well as internationally.

    San Diego is also a destination spot for business travelers. The San Diego Convention center alone hosted 60 groups in 1998, representing 429,000 individuals and more than D47 million in added tourist dollars.

San Diego Construction Business

           Construction is one of the strongest indicators of San Diego's renewed economic health is the increase in public, commercial and residential building. Low interest rates, vigorous business activity and the resulting expanded job market has created an environment conducive to real estate development and building expansion, especially in the knowledge-based industries. More building permits were issued in January 1999 than in any January since 1990. Housing construction rose almost 18 percent in 1998 -- the byproduct of a shortage of rental units as new workers flocked to San Diego.

San Diego Public Works

    In the public works sector, several propositions passed in the November 1998 elections will create contract opportunities for this industry including $1.4 billion in school repair and new construction. The new ballpark, along with the planned surrounding infrastructure, will create about $1 billion in work For various segments of the construction industry. It is difficult to drive through any neighborhood and not see some segment of the construction industry busy at work. In fact, according to the Association of General Contractors, the biggest challenge the industry faces today is manpower.

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