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The Foreclosure Process: Everything you Need to Know


In the event of a home foreclosure, there are many steps involved in the entire process that will help ease the whole process.

Contact your lender: Depending on what position you are in, the foreclosure procedure will be slightly different. Some states will allow you more time than others to come up with the money. It is important to take steps to do this as soon as possible. As soon as you can make an appointment with your lender to talk about choices, you will be surprised at what is out there.

Be aware of your options: One alternative you might think about, if you wish to sell your home, try to find a loan to help you prevent repossession of your home. It is called a pre foreclosure loan. Basically you will find an investor to take over your mortgage loan on your home. You let your lender know and your mortgage will be repaid. Then when you market the home you and your investor will make a profit. This will save your home and your credit rating.

Evaluate your financial position: Be honest and upfront as to your actual financial situation, when you receive the repossession notice. Are your financial circumstances going to improve? If so this will allow you to get a stop foreclosure loan. This is a useful loan that will often decrease your monthly payments. This is particularly good if you have been paying your house payments for a while and have partially repaid the loan. When you borrow again on the mortgage it will reduce your monthly payments, as the loan will be for a smaller amount.

Foreclosure Prevention Services: These are always an alternative, but in order to prevent any further problems be careful to check for these warning signs. When you see these tactics being used by the company you are dealing with you should think twice before signing up with them. There are a lot of people who get taken in by these disreputable companies and lose everything. You do not have to be one of these people, and when you stay attentive and do not panic you can resolve your problem without getting conned. Watch carefully for these points. If a company is asking for fees before they give any service, be careful. Another trick these disreputable companies have is to try to get you to pay the mortgage payments directly to them. Try to find a company that offers a free consultation at first. It is wise to check out their credentials.

In the end however, if you see that circumstances will not improve then you might consider selling your home and arranging someone to invest in your property. Try not to let your home go through the foreclosure procedure as this will ruin your credit and you will not be able to get another mortgage easily for a second home. You will lose a lot of money when you lose your home.


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