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Real Estate --- Sellers, Planning For Moving Day


So you’ve finally sold your home and found the perfect new home to move the family into right? This is not always such a happy time, especially for your children. Most neighbors become close friends if you have lived in the area for awhile and saying goodbye can be hard. However, what better way to lighten the mood than by having a going away party!

It is always fun setting up a party. You may feel overwhelmed with all you have to do with getting ready for the move, but sometimes it is good to just say, “What the heck” and do it. This is not going to be the typical party anyways.

You will need to pick a day which is as close to the moving day as possible. Generally a week before is a good time. Although many times you will find a moving party can be fun if it is on the day you are moving. If you are just moving across town, you have taken care of most of the details of the move. The only thing left to do is pack up and load the truck. Everyone can lend a hand and help. The caravan can follow you to the new house where everyone can help unload and unpack. Afterwards you can all relax in the new house with drinks and sandwiches, talking about the great times you all had at the old house. This gives you a chance to show off the new house and get some decorating ideas as well.

You will want to make sure when you are saying goodbye to have an address book handy. You can write down everyone's address, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses so you can stay in touch. There was a time when moving meant saying goodbye forever. Now you are only a few clicks away with the help of the Internet.

By establishing safe e-mail accounts for the children, they do not have to give up childhood friends if they are switching schools. They can still stay in contact with their old friends by e-mailing them and sharing the new experiences at school and in the neighborhood. This is a great way of making lasting friends. A long term friendship can offer stability as a child grows up.

There are some friendships you form which last a lifetime. By staying in contact after the move, you can ensure this will happen. These are the friends you will grow old with. These are the ones who will be more like family.

Make sure to take plenty of pictures. You will always want to remember the wonderful things that happened in the old neighborhood and the old house. You can put together a scrap book of these memories so you can go through it later when you are feeling homesick or just missing someone.

Moving does not have to be a hard, painful experience when saying goodbye to your old friends. You can stay in touch easier than ever now. You just need to take the time to do it. You may find that some of the friends you thought were not all that close are actually more dear than you thought.

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