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Remodeling the Master Bedroom


Whilst a bedroom is first and foremost a place to sleep each night, it has the potential for being much more and with just a little thought and imagination, remodeling a master bedroom can change it beyond recognition. Enjoying the bedroom as another room to be in and not just for sleeping is becoming more popular and so therefore is the need to do something about its layout and decoration. In some places in Europe, Italy and France for example, the bedroom has always been a sensual place and other Western Countries are beginning to see the appeal in this.

However, to achieve this effect, requires the use of certain color shades like those found in certain pinks, reds and peaches. Try using a number of mirrors in areas that will reflect the light supplied by candles and maybe add a few plants; you will achieve shadows that will create an air of mystery. Candles are also useful but they need mirrors to enhance the reflections or you can add plants which will also provide the same effect.

However, good lights for reading are required that are not too harsh on the eyes and a shaded table lamp on a small circular table next to the armchair will really set the scene. A reading room should also have a color theme as well; this will normally mean walls and other areas painted in ivory, antique amber, sage green or a beautiful slate blue, all of which are pleasing on the eye. There are those individuals that view a bedroom as a kind of place to go to get away from everyone else so if you are remodeling your master bedroom to provide this style look to add big pillows and cushions and perhaps the odd landscape painting.

If your sanctuary is also a place where you intend to read then the addition of a comfortable chair and a reading lamp will be a simple matter. When remodeling a master bedroom this way, i.e. designed to create a place where you retreat from the world and unwind, it should provide feeling of total privacy which can be improved by displaying photos of friends, family, and places you love. To create a room where you will feel relaxed and have a good nights sleep then you will need to use darker shades of brown and blue, natural woodland and forest colors also work well.

If you have the space, a writing desk and television all contribute to the feeling of being able to shut out the world and luxuriate in your own private space. You can even add a refrigerator providing you can find a suitable cabinet to conceal it and often a small tea or coffee service will complete the effect. Remodeling you master bedroom just requires a little imagination as these are only a few ideas for a room that should suit your needs and become a place you enjoy spending time.


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