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Real Estate --- Have a Safe Move.


Oftentimes the family gets all caught up in the excitement of a move and they forget many safety precautions they should think about. Here are a few instructions to ensure a safe and comfortable move.

The first thing you need to do is determine what day you are going to be moving. The people who should know about it are the ones who will be assisting you move. Sometimes you will have people you only know as distant acquaintances show up to lend a hand with the big day. The best response is to let them know you have enough people already. Thank them for the consideration and send them on their way. You may think everyone can be trusted, but this is not the case. Moving is a hard job and very few people volunteer just to be nice. The ones who did offer are your friends and family. It goes without saying they will expect the same from you one day. Accepting help from someone you hardly know can lead to things missing when you start to unpack.

You will also want to make sure you have the proper moving equipment when you are moving. Things like a cart dolly or two wheeled truck, as they are sometimes called, will be needed to move heavy things like the refrigerator, freezer, washer, and dryer. Even if you have ten men ready and willing, you do not want someone hurting themselves because of your move.

Before everyone shows up to help with the move, make sure every thing is boxed up, or at least almost every thing. This will ensure no one is standing around waiting to grab a box. Having every thing ready to go and waiting on them will make the whole process so much easier for everyone.

You will want to ensure that the walk ways and stair ways are completely cleared. You do not want anyone tripping and falling. This is something which should be done periodically throughout the day to keep everyone safe. People will ask for help from someone carrying a box down the steps. The person will put the box on the steps and help with what ever needs done, completely disregarding the box. The next thing you know someone is coming down with a chair or another box and does not see the first one. Accidents happen like this all the time.

It is recommended to have a cooler located somewhere which has a supply of ice and cold water in it. This is especially good if you are moving during the summer season. People will get extremely hot during the moving process. You want to keep everyone safe by keeping them hydrated.

One last guideline when it comes to having a safe moving experience. Keep the doors and windows locked. There are two reasons for this. The first is obvious. You do not want any unwanted guests helping themselves to what ever has been moved or still needs moved. The other is the weather factor. It never fails that when you are in one house, it will be raining at the other or vice versa. You can keep floors dry and slip proof by keeping the windows shut when you leave one house for the other.

You can also separate your help into teams. Locate one in the new house and keep the other one at the old house. As the trucks arrive at the new place, the second team can unload. This offers the first team a needed break. When the first team comes back to load up again, the second team is taking their break. They can also help start to unpack.

You can have a safe, enjoyable day of moving if you just follow the hints and tips suggested here.


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